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Oh, hey there! What's up? Me 'n' Sassy just LOVE company!
{No I don't, Mo.}
Don't be scared to talk to us- I know Sassy's really creepy and stuff, but I keep him in line.
{I'm not creepy! I look just fine!}
Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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(( I’d love to sit here and chat and RP infinitely but I need to be awake tomorrow .-. XD

Feel free to send RP requests or just an ask saying hello, but I might be gone for a good while. Friend, auntie, nana…. lots going on this week! ))

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Of course. Role Players in GENERAL need to be more flexible with their RP’s. I knew a few people in the Skyrim RP world that refused to do anything AU with their characters. Such as, if they were married to another person’s RP character, they wouldn’t ‘cheat’ on them in an AU. I mean, yes. Angemon in this timeline is technically in a relationship. But in an AU RP world, I’d HAPPILY have relations with whomever. 

RP’iers are very stubborn, I should know, I was REALLY stubborn. But my depression has caused me to need social interaction just to keep a smile on my face, so doing these RP’s have become my life. I’ve become super flexible and besides chatting with some fun people, I’m happier with my RP’s than I have ever been! I used to always play OC characters, never canon. Now I am a canon character. The Angemon I play isn’t a random digimon. He’s T.k.’s digimon. (Takeru).

(( You’re pretty much 10,000% correct on that. ))

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I know that the post wasn’t personal, but I prefer to state that I won’t RP smut, even more thanks to the legal issues that could be generated, so I prefer to be on the safer side of things. Besides that issue was not because they tried to do smut with me, but by the fact that I barely saw any thread that I could read, as most of them were written pr0n. So at the end I unfollowed because that thing was a bother for me.

About the intimidation thing, I think that isn’t really logical (more of an irrational nature, as is clearly some sort of fear), as no one is a superior RPer, maybe some can have more experience, but no one is working here as a professional, so that wall should be broken. So yeah, intimidation can be an issue, so if some people is really afraid of me, I will state this now: DON’T BE AFRAID OF BOTHERING ME VIA ASK/FANMAIL, I DON’T BITE EVEN IF I CAN BE BLUNT! (sorry if I write on caps, but so other people will see it easier XD)

So, please try to get rid of those ideas, as you will get nowhere with that mindset, and overcoming those fears is useful. It may be difficult, but if you want, you can see as something that you will have to do IRL sooner or later. Even if some people try to undermine your confidence, one way of avoiding that is to report bullies or to try to ignore them, as online it can be easier than in real life. Heck, I was bullied at school, but I had to overcome that even if it wasn’t an easy task.

tl,dr: life is a bitch, but some things should be resolved your sooner or later. As for RPing, a failed task is better than one that you never do, so if you’re afraid of annoying people, you still should give a shot, maybe you will get a good result.

(( Understandable.

As for that, everyone is intimidated by something or someone. Experianced RPers or serious RPs can be intimidating to anyone. Every individual has a different level of confidence, saying it’s ‘irrational’ for them to be intimidated is like saying it’s ‘irrational’ to be worried about how you make a first impression on someone.

^^^I’m not gonna sit here and explain how people’s heads work, though. XDD

AND YOU’RE RIGHT, YOU WON’T GET ANYWHERE IN THAT MINDSET… but is can be hard to overcome. It’s hard for some people to be blunt or bold because it’s easier not to be. YES, YOU SHOULD GET OUT OF THAT MINDSET… no, you shouldn’t be capable of it overnight. It takes time, like everything else.

tl;dr: It’s okay to be intimidated, but it’s advised you try your best to get over that feeling.

**Also note that none of this is directed at you so much as other people with these issues. I’m going to assume the same on your part. ))

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The long stretch of silence had DemiDevimon wondering if he could just… Casually slip away unnoticed, somehow. Wriggle out of the current bind he was in and up’n’outta there. He really couldn’t think of a way to do that that wouldn’t draw the tiniest sliver of unwanted attention, however, and lo, he ended up staying put, waiting, and wondering how he was going to get out of this if they didn’t trust him.

But it seemed like they would.


He kept a conspiratory smile plastered all over his face in response to Mo’s stare before doing his best to nod. “Yep, got it. You won’t be disappointed, lady, trust me. I happen to know where a pack rat of a Digimon keeps all the goodies he finds on his travels!” It wasn’t terribly far from the truth. The guy was a pack rat. He kept his goodies in a cave. He was also very protective of them. They didn’t need to know that.

"A pack rat of a Digimon, huh?" Mo glared at the Rookie. "What, how stupid do you think we are? Theft like that can only get us into trouble," she paused for a minute, thinking about how to continue her argument without raising suspicion. Unfortunately, nothing came to mind, so she bit her tongue. The Tamer was quiet for just a few seconds to long, and she inwardly cursed herself for it.

"{Show us,}" Sassy growled, interrupting his Tamer’s thoughts. "{Maybe if it’s worth the time, we’ll let you off with a warning. But if it’s not…}” the much larger Digimon’s claws snapped at the DemiDevimon for emphasis on the unspoken promise.

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(( Can I just



I see you there talking about no one asking to RP with you. I see you there talking about how you’re always the one to go into other people’s ask boxes.

Can I just

how the heck else do you think people get to know you?

If I may but in here for a minute. It really is harder for OC’s to get RP’s in a fandom, I know trust me. Though I am Angemon, I do have an AU passed which some don’t agree with. But if you hit me up with a starter, or reply to one of mine, I’ll role play with you. I’m OC friendly and do well with Cross overs.

(( Yes, I understand that. You’re absolutely right. However, that just means OC blogs need to put themselves out there a little more. Many are intimidated by canon characters, and due to OCs who act poorly, some canon blogs don’t like us altogether. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have a steady flow of asks/RPs on your OC blog, though. It just requires said blog to be a little more bold (and polite, of course). ))

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(( Assume the answer to “Do you want to RP?” is yes and either send me a message to plot with me or just post a random starter (but tag me in it so I see it). ))

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(( Can I just



I see you there talking about no one asking to RP with you. I see you there talking about how you’re always the one to go into other people’s ask boxes.

Can I just

how the heck else do you think people get to know you?

I’m busy. I have some RPs running. I have multiple blogs and a life. I can’t go to every single one of my followers and request an RP. BUT YOU CAN especially if what you’re saying is true.

And the more you do it, the more people will get to know you and ask you to RP with them.

I know this. I’ve RP’d for a really long time and have had some really popular blogs in the past (inactive right now and no, I won’t share what they were). Please take my advice.

People not messaging you to RP is NOT THEM IGNORING YOU! It means either you INTIMIDATE THEM or they are BUSY. Understand?



//end rant

Also yes I will RP with you just send me a message or starter and TAG ME. ))

Eh, I understand your rant, but there are some parts that can be a bit contradictory:

I’m busy. I have some RPs running. I have multiple blogs and a life. I can’t go to every single one of my followers and request an RP. BUT YOU CAN especially if what you’re saying is true.”

You should apply this to most people, and even if I’m in holydays, sometimes my shitty memory messes up with the ideas that I have to bother other people. But the catch of this is when is an one sided thing of every fucking time to have to bother people, while barely anyone does the same, and that’s pretty clear when you play an OC. Most people will give priority to a canon character (I tend to do that, but that’s because the ratio of canon/OC blogs that I’m following right now is more sided to the canon blogs, thing that maybe happened because I had some bad experiencies with other OC blogs that were and endless flow of smut, and the attempts of RPing SFW were futile, besides isn’t that easy to find more OC blogs that don’t fade away quickly)

Still you begin to question if you’re doing something wrong when barely anyone bugs you via ask (plus I have the tendency of overthink things and to shift their perspective, and thanks to that some matters can look more grim than they really are), and that feel isn’t nice at all, as the interest of RPing begins to fade away, heck I’ve even deleted blogs because they went on a dead end. Even if I try to be proactive the results aren’t exactly satisfactory, and as I have a certain thing of checking things of how efficient are (this shit is part of my personality, so it would be a bit difficult to fight against that damned function that can be useful for science but a drag for RPing)

Anyways, as I’m also not fond of feelsy and ship themes, I can understand that the specific point may scare away potential RP partners, as I prefer some crack or more adventure/terror driven themes. Heck, even the thing that I don’t use a FC also scares some people away (pff, narrow minded folks are my bane tbh)

And for a worst part, I’m not an English speaker, so I have to do an extra effort for translating my ideas from Spanish. Heck, I even have some sort of summary of the plot that I use for my OCs, but the damned text is  a bit long DX

So, if I really intimidate people considering those handicaps that I have, then I don’t know what the fuck other people thinks. I won’t talk about feels because that’s my Achilles Heel, as I’m not naturally inclined to more personal stuff, and even if I try to help people the result isn’t always good thanks to my own tendency of detach my thoughts from my emotions. I get the being busy and having a life points, but the intimidating point, excuse me for this, but I personally consider it as utter bullshit.

/end this tl;dr reply

(( I think you make a couple of good points. Canon characters are typically priority, and that’s completely understandable no mater the ratio of OC/canon blogs.

As for the smut/SFW issue, that can be debatable depending on the fandom. I, personally, have never had any issues with OCs trying to push smut on my characters. Also, you speak of your personal distaste, which is fine, but remember that it doesn’t apply to everyone, and my post wasn’t targeting you personally.

As for the intimidation thing? Yeah, people are probably intimidated by you. I am. I’m intimidated by all of the other OCs who don’t constantly reblog things like “please come into my ask box.” I’m even more intimidated by canons no matter how well they RP or portray their muse. I just get over it and ask anyways, provided I myself have the time/muse to do so.

Don’t consider something total bullshit. You can only see your side of the issue. You don’t know what’s in other people’s minds, so don’t assume that you do. As you put it. "[you] don’t know what the fucks other people think."

Also, as a note, I don’t like the personal stuff much either. My RP blog is for RP and that’s that. I’m not really the person to go to if others want to rant anyways.

tl;dr verson: People don’t know what other people are thinking and shouldn’t take RP super seriously. ))

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Mo couldn’t be happier when her partner had nodded off. He’d been complaining for the entire trip about the forest; being as large as he was, it was harder for him to maneuver it. She’d tried to tell him to just fly over it, but he’d not wanted to leave her there by herself, and though he offered to let her ride on his dodecahedron, she didn’t like being up that high.

So, after some moaning and griping about it, the duo decided to take a break. It was evening now, and they’d been walking (or floating, in Sassy’s case) since the sun had risen, so she figured they’d been entitled to one. Besides, the day had been pretty uneventful anyways.

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Shadina sighed and looked around the forest. “Alright. Maybe we can go find one, unless Sassy can let us sleep on his cape.” Her eyes shifted right and left, looking sly. “Hehehe! Joking joking! Where should we look?”

The Apocalymon rolled his eyes, wrapping his cape around himself.

"Nah, I think that luxury is saved for me personally," Mo giggled, gaining an annoyed glance from her partner Digimon. At her question, the blonde pointed towards the woods, "We should just walk until we find something, I guess. The forest is probably the most resourceful part of the Digital World, so it shouldn’t be to long before we come across something."



Blacktailmon huffed and turned away as Mo called her out. Yes she did no it, but she didn’t have to be happy about it. In her mind she was insisting that it was all for the good of using this girl, but even that didn’t seem correct. Dismissing the thought she tuned back in to hear the rest of Mo’s explanation of what they would be doing.

"Out here?!" Blacktailmon shook her head,"Lady this part of the Digital world is brutal. If you don’t want to get torn to shreds you’ll need some kind of guide." She bit her lower lip thinking for a moment of how she could turn this into a winning scenario, "Tell you what, I could guide you both to the nearest town and in return you could do me a favor~" She practically purred the last words.

"Favor?" Mo looked skeptical once again. Honestly, she was completely at this Digimon’s whim. She knew about Sassy’s glitch(es) and the Tamer and her partner desperately needed a guide. Annoyed, she pretended to ponder the topic for a moment. "So, what’s the favor?" the blonde asked, clicking her tongue.

Sassy, meanwhile, had emerged from his cape just enough so that one yellow eye was visible. He patiently watched the two talk, wanting to interject but not having the courage to do so.

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